• Equine Therapist

    Posted: 10/03/2021

    Equine Therapist
    Job Description:
    The role of the equine therapist is to aid the equine specialist as a mental health clinician during Equine Relationship Therapy sessions. The equine therapist does not have to have previous experience with horses, but rather conducts process groups with the clients who are participating in the sessions.  The equine therapist reports to the Clinical Director
    Approximately 10-15 hours a week
    Job Duties:

    • Conduct Equine Relationship Therapy (ERT) with the equine specialist on a weekly basis for approximately 4 groups of clients. Clients are are ages 12-17.
    • Take session notes using a EHR system in accordance with HIPPA guidelines. 
    • Participate in weekly clinical meetings to collaborate with other clinical team members regarding each client’s progress in therapy.
    • Write monthly progress reports for each client in regards to their participation in ERT sessions.
    • Participate in campus events when applicable