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    February 26, 2019
    South Hart students were able to SOAR (See Our Achievements Rewarded) on Friday, Feb. 22, when the school hosted the distinct program. Every nine weeks, a SOAR program is held to celebrate South Hart Elementary School’s Students of the Month and recognize other achievements for themselves and for their school. Second and Third grade students presented a program on the school’s current mindset, which has been deemed “Be 100 Percent Accountable,” with a lead in to next month’s mindset, “The Time is Now.”

    The mindset theme is based on the “7 Mindsets” curriculum and theory, which combines elements of relationship-based teaching and social-emotional learning. According to the 7 Mindsets, the “100 Percent Accountable” theme is Mindset No. 4 out of the seven, and “teaches that you are not a victim of your past, your future is not predetermined, and your life is what you choose it to be from this moment forward. With a focus on recognizing fears and excuses, this mindset allows you to break down barriers, free your mind, and focus your energy to take critical steps toward accomplishing your goals.”
    During the SOAR program, fifth graders Baylee Graham, Sierra Fleeman, Hayden Scott and Wendy Pantoja-Linares made a presentation about famous African Americans in honor of Black History Month to mark the highlight of the SOAR program.
    Following the event, students who earned tickets for the PBIS reward had a time to release some energy and play basketball, while third, fourth and fifth graders played a tournament with the winning team playing against the teachers. The SOAR program has become a mainstay in Hart County schools, as a way to reward students for positive behavior, good attendance and active participation in the classroom.
    Pictured are:  Shatorian White, Jazlyn Holcomb, Morgan Yeargin, Jovani Telles, Kaleb Hendrix, Bella Herring, Alainna Burbick, Lily Gagnon, Evie McCurley, Aubree Tallent, Lance Shaffer, Kimberly Lowney and Brendalyn Herring present on the mindset “100 percent Accountable” theme. 
    Anna Hall, Community Relations Director
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