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    • Hartwell Family Practice
    • Anmed Health
    • MedLink
    • St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital
    • Elbert Memorial Hospital
    • Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital
    • Reddy Urgent Care

    The Hart County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to recognize the efforts of its frontline healthcare provider members in their steadfast fight against COVID-19.  For the past 10 months, they have worked diligently to diagnose and treat patients in our community during the largest health crisis of our lifetimes.  The increased number of sick patients has put even more work on healthcare providers and their staffs.  We appreciate their efforts to take care of those affected by the virus and to educate and inform the community on how to stay safe during the pandemic.  We recognize each employee who completes the healthcare team—from the doctors and nurses to the janitorial, clerical, maintenance, and support staff.  Each of these plays a key part in providing quality treatment and care. We thank you for your countless hours of service in 2020!


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